A Solo Exhibition of Shuai Xu

September 2nd. - October 30th.

Shuai Xu is an exceptional artist whose art depicts the uncanny side of the cosmos and outer space. A lot of his work reflects his profound contemplation towards astrophysics. This solo exhibition showcases his recent works in 4 series,the name of which is derived from black holes. 

“When I look into the night sky, all I feel is fear.

Shuai Xu

Series: HE0450-2958

Series: OJ 287

Series: 4c+37.11

Series: 3c 66B


Shuai Xu

Shuai Xu is a Chinese-born artist who currently lives and works in Los Angeles Art District. Xu obtained his Master’s degree of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University in 2021. His work has been exhibited and collected by museums in China and United States. 

Artist Website: www.shuai-xu.com

Artist Instagram: @xushuai_studio

Artist’s Studio