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A Solo Exhibition of Zhen Wei

In this exhibition, Wei masterfully navigates the interplay of cold wax, oil paint, and oil pastel, offering a captivating exploration of the profound connection between personal growth and the evolving cityscape. Her works encapsulate fragments of urban life—snippets of buildings, road signs, and telegraph poles—interwoven with poignant recollections of her formative years.

As Wei matured, so did the city around her, a theme that permeates this exhibition. Each artwork serves as a metaphorical mirror, reflecting her journey against the ever-shifting backdrop of urban transformation. In every brushstroke and layer, she narrates her tale of discovery, resilience, and adaptation, mirroring the city's own enduring spirit.

“A Journey” is a tribute not only to changing cityscapes but to their profound impact on our lives. The artist's works prompt viewers to reflect on their own connections to the places they've called home.

With texture, color, and narrative, Wei captures the essence of nostalgia, growth, and transformation. This exhibition bridges the gap between the personal and the collective experience, translating individual stories into a universal language.

This exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of urban existence and rediscover your own memories within its captivating narrative. Explore these artworks to celebrate the ever-evolving landscapes that shape our lives.


Artist Interview

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